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By Jordan D.


You know how when you’re young and naive, with your life in front of you? When your head is full of the possibilities of the future and your dreams are before your eyes? That was me a few months back. And then I woke up to my worst nightmare. My husband and I had just gotten married. We were still in that blissful state where life was perfect and nothing could go wrong. We bought a beautiful house in a historic district here in Phoenix. It needed a lot of work, but we were going to fix it up together. I had just gotten pregnant, but then was horrified when I had a miscarriage. I became very depressed. To top it off, my husband couldn’t handle things, so he just took off. I became even more depressed. With only one income to survive on and my world shattered around me, I stopped making payments on my home. The next thing I knew, my home was in foreclosure. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Unfortunately, I listened to a friend who said I should have a realtor sell my house. What a waste of time that was. The realtor tells me that it would take at least $20,000 to make my home presentable. Right! Where was I going to come up with that? Anyway, I hired the realtor. She attempted to negotiate with the bank to get them to agree to sell the house for less than what we owed. While that may have helped, I was told I would still be responsible for the difference. So that was a “no go.” Just when I was pulling out my hair trying to figure what to do next, I find this doorhanger on my door. The piece from WeBuyHomes stood out due to its vibrant color, powerful message and I just felt right about it. I felt like it was speaking directly to me. I don’t know why this piece grabbed my attention out of the hundreds of other junk mail offers, wanting to “buy my house fast, all cash.”


So, I was prompted to call. I set up a time to meet with a company representative. I met with Susan who told me she understood what I was going through. She explained that she, too, had gone through foreclosure. Her house was foreclosed on several days after her husband passed away suddenly during an ice-hockey tournament. They had me sign a paper authorizing them to negotiate directly with my bank. So, Art goes back to the bank and was able to negotiate a lower price. But, he was able to get a signed waiver exempting me of liability for the balance owed, which my realtor wasn’t able to do. That was the first miracle of many to come. Shortly afterwards, Art buys my house, and gets me out from under my heavy burden. And can you believe it, when it closed, he gave me a sizeable bit of cash to boot. I was ecstatic! But that’s not all. Art showed me how to avoid getting a Foreclosure on my credit and coached me not to file for bankruptcy, contrary to the faulty advice given to me by my ex-realtor. Right now Art is helping me to restore my credit. Very soon, I will be able to buy another house, on my own. You know, it’s funny if you think about it. Art made a lot of money on my house, but he deserved it, and I’m happy he did. The house needed a lot of work and his crews put in a lot of time and effort to get it back up to par. Art took me by the place a little while ago, after it was finished. I was amazed at the transformation. It was gorgeous. I couldn’t believe that it was the same house I had lived in. What impressed me most was not that what Art said he would do, he did, nor was it his generosity, or the patience he had in moving me through this traumatic time. It was his kind, giving heart. Usually that’s something reserved only for full-time religious people, like a rabbi, priest or minister.


All I can say is thanks, Art. I couldn’t have done it without you. And I certainly don’t know where I’d be now, if you hadn’t come along.




By Stephanie B.


Dear Potential Clients of Art Fried:


As difficult as this is for me to say, it’s the truth. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if Art Fried had not come along. As I sit here writing this, I am overcome with emotion. Where I am now and where I was before Art helped me are like night and day. Back then, I wasn’t in a good place. I was totally overwhelmed and had little hope for the future. You see, my fiancée left me, I was pregnant and a soon-to-be single mom. To make matters worse, my home was in foreclosure and I was about ready to be booted out. Every time I turned around there was a knock at my door or a postcard hammering me with, “sell your house for cash today.” Yeah, and get taken for all you’re worth, I thought. I wasn’t too excited about these lame offers on my house which amounted to little more than stealing from me. I forgot to mention that my house was a disaster. It was covered in mold and had just been condemned. I didn’t know where I was going to live or what I was going to do. All of this in the middle of being pregnant.


Basically, I thought that the only thing that could save me was a miracle. I guess you could say that what Art did to turn my situation around was nothing short of that. Anyway, it blessed me beyond measure and I have the highest regard for him and his company, WeBuyHomesInAZ. For some reason I was inclined to trust Art Fried. He didn’t have the same used car salesman pitch that everyone else did. I sensed that he cared and I found out just how much when he put his words into action. Though he did end up buying my house from me, it was a fair deal. And what I got out of it was far above and beyond the price he paid. When I met Art, he told me that his business was helping people. Frankly, I was skeptical. But the bottom line was nobody else ended up doing what Art did to help me. Not even my close friends or family. I was amazed. He didn’t just keep his word and do everything he said he would. He went out of his way to get me back on my feet again. I truly was given a “Fresh Start.” Let me explain.


Since my furniture was covered in mold, I was concerned that my newborn baby might suffer as a result. I wanted everything to be perfect when I moved into the new apartment home Art found for me. Art’s crew started by powerwashing all my furniture. Next, he helped me buy new stuff. And then, he really surprised me by outfitting my baby room! I was shocked. I had never received this level of service with any company I had ever dealt with. Months later, I realize that I am full of joy and peace. I feel that my life is finally settled—I am back on track—with my worries behind me. My baby is happy and healthy, thanks to Art and his team. Since my credit was shot, Art negotiated with my landlord to get my application accepted. Now I am in a beautiful, brand new apartment home. Another thing I almost forgot. Art is helping me fix my credit. In no time I will be able to purchase my dream home. You could say that Art helped restore my faith in people. And in the process, I started to believe in me again! Words cannot express the thankfulness I have in my heart and the gratitude I feel for what Art and his company did for me. If you are in a similar situation and don’t know what to do, sit down with Art. He will explain to you what your options are and help you put together a doable plan for dealing with it.


Don’t hesitate one second in contacting Art. He’s the real deal and will help you—just like he did me. Thanks again Art, from the bottom of my heart!



By Rabbi Laibel Blotner


To whom it may concern,


I have had the pleasure of knowing Art Fried since he moved to Arizona several years ago. From the time I met him I was struck by his fine character and his desire to be of help to others. Art Fried has always been a pillar of the community, ready to give a hand and help in any way possible. Many times I have seen Art Fried put others first, if it's giving of his time or financial assistance, even at the expense of his personal endeavors.


I can vouch that Art Fried is a person of values and integrity, who keeps his word. There have been times that I have asked Art Fried for favors, and he would drop everything to be there for me. I know that I am not alone, as many of my colleagues and acquaintances have experienced the same.


Art Fried is a selfless and caring individual, whom I am proud to call a friend.


Sincerely,Rabbi Laibel BlotnerChabad of Mesa





Dear Art Fried:


I was recently contacted by one of your staff members who asked me to relay my experience with you and your company. Art, you and your team have been such a blessing to us in our time of need—thank you!


Me and my family were in a car accident that left my husband unable to work. After six months of him not receiving a paycheck, we were about to lose our home. We have no money. No options. We were out of hope. No idea of what to do.


Just then, Art and an associate showed up at our doorstep. I didn’t have any intention of letting them in. When I opened the door, Art immediately removed his sunglasses so I could look him in the eye. That put me at ease, so I decided to invite them in.


Both of them listened. But, the guy with Art seemed to just want to get our house. I was uncomfortable. During our conversation, Art appeared deep in thought. He got up all of a sudden, and asked us to tell him about the lawsuit we were involved in. Then he went into the backyard to make a phone call. When he returned, he said that he had an associate who would lend us money on the pending lawsuit.


The next day we met with Art at our attorney’s office. Our attorney filled out the appropriate paperwork that Art brought with him and we faxed it in to the underwriter.


What happened next was the answer to our prayers. Within 36 hours we were approved for a non-recourse $35,000 loan! This allowed us to get caught up with payments and get on with our lives. Art felt this was the best option for us at that time, and we agreed. I guess that’s why we originally felt so uncomfortable with all the flyers and people who wanted us to give up our house.


Unfortunately, 7 months later we were back in the same boat, so we called Art again. Once again Art helped us out. First, he took over our mortgage payments. Then, he helped us find and move into a new rental property, and gave us the fresh start we needed to get back on track.


If I could offer any advice to those in a situation like ours, I would say be smart. Look at your options. Sit down with Art and his team. They’ll help you sort things out like they did with us. But don’t wait until it’s too late, like we almost did.


Thanks again, Art Fried!

Your fans Barbara, Phil, Amanda & Joey




By Bruce and Colleen


When Art Fried originally contacted us, we were at our wits’ end and about to make a horrible decision—one that we felt we were forced to make. It was June, and we had already moved out of our house in Phoenix, and were relocating our family to Texas.


We thought the bank foreclosing already owned the house. We were heavy in debt since my computer business failed. Everyone I owed money to attached liens to our home, so even if someone wanted to buy it, there was no way they could. Or, so we thought at the time.


Art Fried stepped in and told us what really was going on. He alleviated our fears regarding the liens, and said he could probably fix that, if we let him. “Well, we’d be stupid if we didn’t,” I thought. So, we gave him the permission to act on our behalf to take care of the liens. We were floored at the results and what he was able to accomplish!


He negotiated down our major lien to a fraction of the original amount. The agreement reduced a $40,000+ liability to under $10,000! Remarkably, he also was able to close out our second trust deed for a lot less than the amount owed. We were astonished—it truly was a miracle! We had no idea that something like this could be done.


Next, Art bought the house and his work crew came in with new carpet, paint, landscaping and appliances. They even addressed such details as the out-of-date kitchen cupboards, which they refinished. And finally, they ripped out the old dining room linoleum and replaced it with carpet.


As a finishing touch, Art sold the house to a new family. From the profits he made on the deal, we were able to get a nice check that we weren’t expecting. Art said that this was the equity split we talked about earlier. This equity was something that I thought I’d never see and was lost forever. Well, we didn’t lose it, and we were so excited because we desperately needed that money.


Please, if you are in a distressed situation with your home, call Art Fried! He truly is a miracle worker, and generous to a fault. You’ll be happy you got in touch with him.




By Bud A. Jr.


To Whom It May Concern:


My precious wife and I had lived in the same house in a Phoenix historic district for over 40 years. We had many fond memories. While I don’t consider myself an emotional person, I was absolutely devastated when she passed away from her battle with cancer.


I was at such a loss with her death that I could barely function. I was used to her paying the bills, taking care of the house and many of the other critical details of our lives. My grief was so great that I neglected pretty much everything, just attempting to get on with my life. I let the house go and conveniently forgot to pay the bills, including our mortgage.


Well, it eventually caught up with me. I never even knew I was in foreclosure. My only sign was when I started getting tons of flyers from people wanting to buy my house. Or those pesky people bothering me during supper time asking me if I wanted to sell. I’m thinking, what’s going on? Then someone had the gall to ask me if I knew I was in foreclosure. And then proved it to me with a copy of the actual court document.


That was my wake up call. How tragic. I had barely started to deal with my wife’s demise when this hit me like a ton of bricks. Why me, why now?! I just wanted to disappear and make all this go away.


That very weekend I went to Temple and had a conversation with my spiritual adviser. I am thankful he realized the urgency of my situation. He advised me to talk with this guy, Art Fried. I was told that Art had helped lots of people in the community and congregation, in similar situations.


Reluctantly I made the call. It took me a while because I really didn’t want to deal with things. I was wishing it would just go away. But it didn’t. Not until I talked to Art. He helped me sort through all my affairs, as messy as they were. In a sense, he became a really close friend. I couldn’t have gotten through this difficult time without him.


It was so disorienting since my wife took care of everything. I realized that I literally didn’t know what to do since she did it all. Suddenly she was gone. Things just got worse and worse the more I ignored things. I know it wasn’t a smart move, but what could I do? Art had the answer—and he fixed things—when I didn’t even know where to start.


Mr. Fried ended up buying my house from me and set me up in a smaller rental house. I was so impressed in dealing with him. He was a lifesaver at that crucial juncture in my life! Art always treated me with the utmost kindness and respect. He was patient in explaining my circumstances and the solutions to my problems in language I could understand. I sensed that he really did want to help me, like he said.


I’d highly recommend Art and his company to anyone. As funny as this sounds, I really believe it. Art’s the kind of guy that you’d want your daughter to marry. I know this for a fact. Because my real son-in-law wanted to essentially steal my house out from under me, when I was going through my tragic loss . And with family like that—well—you get the picture. Let’s just say that with someone like Art Fried on your side, you can’t go wrong!


I know I’ve said this before my friend, but you were there for me. That is something that I will not easily forget. My appreciation extends beyond the words of this letter. Somehow I think that if there were more businessmen like Art in the world, it would be a much better place!


With gratitude beyond measure—thanks again! If you’d like me to talk to anyone to let them know what you did for me, and what you can do for them, don’t hesitate to have them call me




By Clayton & Lois O.


To Whom It May Concern:


We were in desperate shape at the time. Our home of 40 years was falling apart and we weren’t able to fix it up. My husband undergoes kidney dialysis four times a week and I didn’t know what to do next.


Our realtor told us that our home would need a lot of repairs just so we could list it. We knew it was in bad shape. We had neglected it for almost 40 years.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have the money to fix it. We just needed to get rid of it. Then, we planned to move into an assisted living facility. My husband needed the extra care.


Since we didn’t have the money to fix our house to list it, we couldn’t sell it in that shape. We needed to move but didn’t have the funds for the assisted care facility. We were at a dead end. Our priest contacted our realtor, and asked him to help us out as a favor. Our realtor contacted Art and Susan, and begged Art to look at our house.


In order to make this work, we needed to stay in our house for two months, rent-free after the sale, so we could move and get ready for the assisted living arrangements. Next, since our house was had over 40 years of accumulated stuff, we needed to have the new owner clean it up.


As Art looked at the deal, he realized our house was worth almost twice as much as what we owed, once back in good shape. He also figured that it would run over $80,000 just to get it there.


After closing, Art said that we would have very little left over (realtor’s fees and closing costs). Out of the goodness of his heart, he decided that he would help us by giving us some extra cash. He astounded us with a $15,000 check. We were very grateful!


Once we saw what our house was worth, we understood how Art could afford to be generous. The deal was a shrewd business decision for him. In the end, he made quite a bit of money.


We were no less grateful when we realized this. We were glad he was making all that money. For all the work and time he invested. Of course, we were pleased with what we got out of it, too.


Though this is silly, it is meaningful to us. Since we were so touched with Art’s compassionate, giving nature and generosity, we nicknamed him “Mr. HeArt.” We hope that you’ll give him a call and see for yourself what he can do for you. He comes very highly recommended, in our book.

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