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Since when did taking an investment risk become fraud? Due to circumstances totally outside of my control I am being forced into defending myself. I have to admit that I might be a little old fashioned and having to defend myself in a public forum like this is brand new to me. In the past people used to talk to each other and if things got bad enough for someone to claim fraud, you went into a court of law and had to prove that something illegal took place. In today’s world that has simply become a concept. Why in the world would you go to the effort of collecting evidence and proving a wrong doing in a legitimate fashion when all you have to do is sit in front of a computer screen and claim anything you want regardless if it is true or not. You don’t even have to sign your own name. It is my understanding that in our system of JUSTICE that the person being accused of something has the right to know who is making that claim.


Is losing money in a down market on an investment the new definition of Fraud?


Well for the first time in my life I am in that position. I am a business man whose reputation is being dragged through the mud for the first time in well over 20 years. One person’s false claim on the internet has put me into a position of defending myself and my actions. Actions that have resulted in positive results and hundreds of satisfied customers who would go into a real court of law and tell you how I helped them and lived up to my promises and never cheated them knowingly.


Why is it that when you do a search on anybody the first thing that pops up on the information list is anything negative that may have taken place yet all of the good things you have done are not mentioned. I am coming to believe that the Media is training all of us. When was the last time you heard anything positive on the news?


Regardless, I am being forced to defend myself against a false claim and set the record straight. I will admit having made mistakes. It is bound to happen when you deal with the number of people I did business with. This situation is not one of those mistakes. Unlike my accuser I will not stoop to their level but will simply say what they have written about me is NOT TRUE. It is funny how they didn’t mention the fact that for a five year period I paid them three hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars in interest on their investment. I know that isn’t a big thing to some people but to me it tells the whole story.


I wish I could have done something to stop the real estate market from crashing the way it did. I couldn’t and like millions of others, I lost money too. Investing money in a business venture is a risk and we all know that. So why after more than five years of collecting timely monthly checks when things were going well am I now being accused of Fraud because the market basically crashed. I have to ask, are they accusing their Stock Broker of Fraud because their stocks dropped drastically? My guess is NO! If you really want to know how I do business I have hundreds of testimonial letters from my past clients, all of them positively thanking me for my efforts on their behalf. None of them are on the internet. But this one is and all of a sudden I am a bad guy to anyone who knows how to spell Google.

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